Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Retail Remembers my Birthday

I love signing up for in-store clubs for my favorite places to shop.

Unlike some of my friends, they even remember my birthday (without a reminder from Facebook).

Last year I signed up for the Anthro club and this cute little surprise arrived in the mail for me yesterday to celebrate my birthday. It's a little rope necklace with a tiny candle on it along with a 15% off coupon at Anthropologie. Of course the discount is awesome, but I think the packaging and the card itself is pretty fabulous too. 

I think Sephora has one of the best rewards programs, with their fun free samples and products you can pick with your points. Another great plus to their program is when your birthday comes around, you get a free gift. Last year I got three sticky lip-gloss colors that I still use now. This year, it's a fun eye kit. I'm definitely going to pick this up in the store this weekend!

Know of any other great programs that send you special stuff for your birthday?
Tell me now so I can sign up!
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  1. Mimi's Cafe sends a free meal card.

    Happy Birthday. Love the Anthro necklace...AND the coupon!

  2. happy birthday to you! I love my Anthro and Sephora birthday goodies. Although, this year, I forgot to use the Anthro 15% off :(

  3. First, I love the birthday month! I'ts great!! I always celebrate mine for a month as well! And I love all of the giveaways you get with it!!!

    I left you something on my blog!!

  4. It's become a joke at our house but my husband and I both get coupons from Victoria's Secret for our birthdays! I pass them on to my daughters. It was time to let Victoria go when the sales clerk said she didn't carry my size in the store! LOL!


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