Monday, July 19, 2010

My Own Very Tray Chic!

So you may remember this post about the tray trend popping up in stores and design blogs, etc. In a fabulous twist of fate, when perusing the local Habitat for Humanity Reuse Store, I found a fabulous wooden tray for $5.00.

I knew I could slap this sucker into some serious cuteness pretty quick and on the cheap, so I enlisted the help of my assistant and we got to work.

A can of spray paint, a little added texture with some sandpaper, and we were done! Total project cost: $9.00 and very little manual labor involved.

I think it looks so pretty on my orange coffee table in our family room and gives the room another fun pop of color! (I'm really into color these days).

I've decided I never need to buy retail again with all of the fun stuff available at thrift shops, flea markets and reuse shops. And of course, don't forget Craig's list!

What about you guys? Have any good flea market finds from the weekend?

Does it bother you that the tray is not completely centered on the coffee table? I must go home and fix that.

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  1. That looks great! Blog reading has definitely opened my eyes to all of the amazing things that one can find at thrift stores. I love that you painted it yellow with some distressing.

  2. wendy, love it! the pic is fabulous and are the pillows new?
    sooo gld you moved the skirted looks great. XOA

  3. Oh I just LOVE the pop of color. We have one of those stores here that I've never been to before... now I really need to get over there. You've inspired me!!


  4. that is absolutely gorgeous! so glad you went with a punchy color...and i'm the biggest fan of habitat stores...i never leave without some little treaty! yay for re-using! your blog rocks!

  5. It looks so good! You did a great job! and very inspiring!

  6. Love thrift stores...I've been wanting to get a tray for a few months now. Of course...w/ 3 children (one of them a toddler), I don't get to many thrift stores these days. Maybe I'll get to hit one soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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