Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Little Reader

It's amazing watching a child develop from an infant to an almost kindergartner.

It's crazy to think I haven't always known how to read, because it comes so easily now. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to want to read, but not quite be there.

Walker has always loved books, but he's starting to take a true interest in reading, and I hope it lasts. I was in my room the other day straightening up and it got really quiet in his room. I peaked in and there he was surrounded by his "I Can Read" books, flipping through the pages. I sneaked a couple of shots of him because he was so focused.

If you've never seen these books, they are great for children. I guess they are this generation's version of Golden Books (remember those?) which are actually starting to pop up on shelves again. The "I Can Read" books feature popular characters, colorful pictures and different levels for children depending on their reading abilities. We have tons of them and they make great children's gifts, little surprise treats for your children and great prizes for kids! I usually find them at Target, Walmart and Amazon.com! Check them out for yourself!

(And no, I wasn't paid to write this)
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  1. It's crazy that I can actually remember being kindergartner, brow furrowed over a book, sitting at the dining table swearing on my life that reading was impossible and I would never get it. It just wasn't for me. Haha! And now I'm getting my PhD. Who woulda thought ;)

    Hope you're having a great week Love!



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