Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Plain Silly

If my husband brings home one more pack of these things to surprise Walker with, I'm taking away his check card. No, really.

Silly bands are taking over my house - they're everywhere!

At least I was able to use one the other day to pull my hair back when I couldn't find a rubber band.
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  1. it's crazy how these things are taking over! even sarah jessica parker is wearing them!

  2. I keep hearing and seeing these everywhere! It reminds me of jelly bracelets in the '80's!

  3. My teenager was playing with one last night! Wish I had thought of the idea!! Love the new header!!

  4. I have to be honest, I just don't get the huge deal about silly bands! But then I read the comment above about jelly bracelets and it all came rushing back so I guess the fad isn't too surprising! My 2 year-old got some for Christmas from my in-laws but she doesn't seem to interested...yet.

  5. Pretty Girl's ponytail was held back with a Silly Band today! They are all over my house too!

  6. If they don't get put up in the baggie designated for them or he's not wearing them, then I get to keep it!!!
    He has many I don't think he even knows what they are anymore!

  7. Ha! ha! I just saw these the other day for the first time-
    they are.

  8. I couldn't agree more. I find them EVERYWHERE and my youngest child is almost 20 years old!!!


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