Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Ask

Ok, I've officially been blogging for two years now! I can't believe what start out as a way to refocus some frustration in my life and so something just for me has turned into such a wonderful adventure! I'm still loving it and I thank each and every one of you that read my blog (even you stalkers that never leave comments!).

So, I've always been hesitant about doing this because I have a fear that no one will ask me anything, so please don't confirm my fears. Here's your chance to ask me anything. And if I don't like the question or find it offensive, I just won't answer it! I never know how much is too much to share on my blog, so let me know if I hold back too much or if there are things you'd like to know more about me!
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  1. I'm a NC blogger too. Is there a *club* or community of NC bloggers?

  2. You are so talented and so creative in quite a lot of areas. How did you get into graphic design and art? And I think you're quite the great photographer! Did you always know this was something you wanted to try?

    What is your dream job?

    If a song played every time you walked into a room-- your entrance song-- what would the song be?

  3. How on earth does your hair look perfect in every. single. picture!?

    also, we should work together, how can I make that happen?!

    What was Walker's name going to be if he was a girl?

    What has been your favorite thing about having a boy?

    If you could live ANYWHERE, where would it be?

    Happy Two Years!

  4. First of all, I love the look of your blog right now, it is adorable!

    Second of all, what is your favorite thing about blogging? What is your favorite thing about the South? What is your favorite beauty product? And, who is your favorite clothing designer?

  5. Yay! You are so talented and I love your blog. My questions are all photography related. So like how did you get into photography, how long ago? What equipment do you use and what tips would you give someone trying to learn and know more about what they are doing? Like what is the best way to learn about going into full manual mode?

    this is kind of random but, where is your favorite vacation you have ever gone on?

  6. What are your favorite books? Either that you are reading recently or that you have read in the past!

  7. As a Californian who longs to visit the South, where do you recommend I visit first!?! What cities/towns/etc.?? PS LOVE your blog!!!

  8. Ok... So I'm one of those stalker bloggers never leaves a comment... So, this is actually my first blog post EVER!!!!

    I do have a few questions...

    Your hair always looks magnificent... do you do it yourself and how often do you go to the salon?

    You seem as though you are in love with the South... have you ever thought of living anywhere other than NC?

    Do you photoshop your pics or is all of that unaltered talent?

    Just so you know, the beauty in your photos made me run out and buy a Canon EOS :-)


  9. Love your new blog design! I'd like to know what little things you turn to or treat yourself with when you need a little inspiration or a pick-me-up. Like sippin a sweet tea on the porch for example... xoxo

  10. Hey Girl! Where do you see yourself in 5 years???

  11. What do you do when boredom sets in?

  12. what's your favorite thing about living in the Raleigh/Durham area?

    how did you get so dang creative?

  13. No questions, just making myself known…I stumbled here via cjane.


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