Friday, June 25, 2010

Cool Like That

Ask for a mohawk and yee shall receive! I contemplated saying no on this one, but I figure, hey, it's Friday and it's just to preschool, let's have a little fun.

Inspired by the multitude of mohawks on "So You Think You Can Dance".

Yet more proof I'm a cool mom (at least in my own little world). 

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  1. He is too cute! That is a cool mom action.

  2. He is so handsome and you are indeed one cool mama for letting him rock a faux-hawk (as my hubby would call it! hah! he let's my little niece do this to his hair on occasion!) Love your new blog header too! :) Happy weekend!

  3. You're only that young once, right? I bet it was a hit at school with the other kids.

  4. Very cute! Mohawks on children always make me smile.

  5. Good move Mom. For many reasons, good! xoxo


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