Monday, May 17, 2010

Hat Season

I spent quite a few hours at the pool Saturday and although I tried to stay under an umbrella, I got a bit pink. My hair was also driving me crazy because it was all over the place. I suddenly wished for a really great hat. To my surprise, while visiting last night, I came across these wonderful new Eugenia Kim hats at Target and I want one in every style and color!

The fedoras remind me of some hats I have in my childhood bedroom at home that I took from my grandparents things when we cleaned out their house after my grandmother passed. My Grandaddy Lowery used to wear them over his combover every once in a while and fedoras always remind me of him.  

The green straw hat is very 20's inspired and the sunhat with blue trim is cruise-worthy. But I think my favorite is the grey and black bell hat - how fabulous would that look with a black bathing suit on the beach or by the pool?   

I've always been a sucker for a great hat. Just not always thrilled about having hat hair, but who cares when they are this stylish and cute? Eugenia's hats are targeted for "a quirky, left-of-center girl in her twenties or thirties with a sense of humor." Designing for Target, she imagined a hybrid of that shopper and the Midwestern soccer mom. The shared DNA? If you wear her hats, "you're having a little more fun and standing out."

I think I fit the quirky bill quite nicely and I'd say I'm pretty left-of-center as well. Even better than their cuteness - all are between $14.99 and $19.99 each and most are still available online vs. many of the designer brands at Target.

 "Wearing a hat is like having a
baby or a puppy; everyone
stops to coo and talk about it." 
(Louise Green)
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  1. Those hats are fabulous! I need a new "sunning" hat, thanks for the target tip.

  2. JCrew also put out some cute beach hats this season.

  3. Those are adorable hats...I wish that I could pull them off. I also love checking out so....I might just have to order one so I can see if it will look good! I loveeee the green one!

  4. I'm loving the grey one too! I think I may have to make a little stop at Target on my way home ;)

  5. I saw almost all of those hats at Target yesterday {when I was supposed to be running errands for work}. I tried on the grey + black bell hat and was gonna snap a pic just for you but didn't have my camera. Very cute, though!


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