Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Champions in Two Years

I am a graduate of UNC.

My husband grew up in Durham, NC and has long family ties to Duke.

We live in Durham and about 10 miles from Chapel Hill.

We cannot watch a basketball game between UNC and Duke together. We tried it once and it didn't go so well. We are truly the definition of "A House Divided".

At our wedding, both the Carolina Ram and the Duke Devil sat on the front pews of the church.

My son is wavering between the two, currently he calls himself a fan of both teams. I know this can't last. I've tried to make him Carolina blue, but this season hasn't help my cause very much.

It's quite humorous to watch Mike on game days. He's nervous the entire day, can't eat dinner and then gets so nervous during a game, ends up changing the channel.

Today, Mike had a huge smile on his face. Last year, so did I.

Not bad to have two NCAA championships in two years in our house I suppose.

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  1. Sorry...I'm with your hubs on this one! Go Duke!! Great game!

  2. I'd love to see a pic of the ram and the blue devil in church at your wedding!!!!

  3. Hilarious...just found your blog...please tell your husband he rocks...I LOVE Duke too!!! And was so excited last night. Looking forward to reading more posts...your new fan, Katie in California


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