Monday, April 5, 2010

Home for the Weekend

Mike had to work all weekend at the golf course, so Walker and I loaded up the car and headed to Roxboro Friday to spend the weekend with my family. Our weekend consisted of two easter egg hunts, one afternoon fishing (zero fish caught), six adorable little chicks, countless dragons and one beautiful Easter Sunday!


Friday night we went to see How to Train Your Dragon, and I loved it. I really wasn't too excited about seeing it, but so glad I did. The music was beautiful, the story was sweet and I just wanted to pick one of those cute little dragons up and cuddle with it.

Then Saturday we went to a church egg hunt and spent the afternoon and evening at my dad's house and then  my sister's house. We fished, played Rock Band (I'm actually not too bad at drums and vocals) and my sister brought home these cuties for Easter! My mom said growing up they used to get baby chicks for Easter that were colored pink and blue and purple - but they stopped doing that because it was actualy bad for the chicks. My sister is going to put the ducks on her pond and I hope she will keep the chickens and sell the eggs! My aunt has several chickens and she can't keep the fresh eggs in stock because people are buying them up so fast!


Sunday, we woke up VERY early and attended sunrise service and witnessed a special baptism - what a great day to be baptized! And of course the Easter bunny came!


Then we had regular church and went back to my mom's house for a huge lunch my mom cooked (sooooo yummmy!) and another egg hunt. Look at the intense look on these faces, they weren't kiddin.


My little guy was so tired after the busy weekend and he actually fell asleep on the drive home.


Hope you had a wonderful Easter too! Now, back to work!
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  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Great shots of some important people! :)

    We had a special couple of baptisms at our church... a newborn and a little old man. It was the sweetest ever. :)

    Happiest Day to YOU and YOURS!

  2. Oh these pictures are wonderful! I love the fishing picture, it is priceless! What a sweet little boy.

    What a beautiful day to be baptized! Hope you had the most glorious weekend, it sounds like it was amazing! XOXO

  3. Love the picture of the boys going after the Easter Eggs!! xoxo

  4. I love the picture of him fishing - and that last one is precious!

  5. Awesome! You have to be off of work for the Duke Celebration! :)

  6. The bunny sure packed that basket FULL!

  7. Look at those baby chicks! Love your blog. xo

    and psst, I am hosting a giveaway on my blog today...hope you'll come by and enter :)


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