Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Out of Town

It's spring break time for our public schools and it seems like everyone is getting out of town. I'm dying to head to the beach or something. Do you ever get those crazy cravings?  My husband and I both get them for the beach really bad. We both grew up going to the beach and his parents actually retired to the beach they love it so much.

We do have a trip planned in about two weeks to Washington, DC that I'm excited about. I have to go up for a trade show and Mike and Walker are going to join towards the end of the week. I'll be staying at a brand new hotel outside of the city, but we are moving downtown for Friday and Saturday night to see the sights. Walker has been talking nonstop about seeing the Dinosaurs at the Smithsonian and I know he'll love the zoo. I made hotel reservations yesterday using for the first time ever and I was able to get the downtown Westin that usually goes for around $250 a night for only $75! How cool is that? Priceline is definitely going to be how I book vacations from now on!

Then we'll be beaching it off and on this summer - hoping to go for two weeks in August before my little guy starts kindergarten. I'm thinking about Charleston in September for our anniversary. We didn't go anywhere this past year, but we've been to Charleston several times for our anniversary and we love it.

I'm dying to take Walker to NYC for Christmas (as well I'm dying to go there for Christmas too). I love, love NYC, like everyone else, and Mike and I have never been together, so we hope to go this Christmas. I've been checking out hotels, but they really jack the prices up in December. We'll have to see how the golf season goes this year before we decide on that one.

I'm also starting to figure out something to do next year for a vacation. We went to Disney last year and it was fun, but I'd really like to go somewhere else - maybe a cruise? We also celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, so that's a wonderful excuse to do something fun!

What about you?
Have any great vacation deals you can share?
Where's your favorite place to vacay?
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  1. this may sound kind of pathetic, but i'm dying for a "staycation" :) could be the nesting need in me, but i'd love a week at home to get stuff done, relax, create, and just spend time doing what i want without the hustle and bustle!

    your trips sound like a blast!

    safe travels!

  2. Don't you just love spring break time? It is about time for a break from school and I love the we have one day of school left until spring break!

    Let's see...favorite trips? We are headed to Destin, Florida for spring break. I love Destin and I have been growing up going there! It is a beautiful, slowly discovered beach in Florida!

  3. My son and dil live in NYC so we were able to see NYC at Thanksgiving this past year! We went to the Rockettes! And they say it is fabulous at Christmas!! You must do it! Hopefully a lot of people will need golf lessons this spring and summer! Just a little bit of info that shows we have things in common. My daughter works for the PGA!! We are a golf loving family here. My husband absolutely loved to play; my son played in high school. I'm the only one who isn't a golfer!! I actually took lessons in college and discovered that the game is too unforgiving for me. :-) haha

  4. We are headed to Florida tomorrow to visit family there. We try to go see them every spring. When we lived in Michigan it was so nice to have a bit of warmth, but now I live in Charleston (isn't it lovely here?!? We came for our 10th anniversary and moved here last year.) so the warmth isn't as big an issue, but my daughter loves riding on the golf cart!

    We just got back from Europe. You will have to check out my blog and see our pictures. We love to travel and I am always thinking up where to go next! We are planning a trip to Ireland at Christmas time this year. I have always wanted to go to NYC! I will one day!!!

    I really enjoy your blog. I have been a blog stalker for sometime. but wanted to stop by and say "hello"!

  5. I love Charleston and I love NYC at Christmas!

  6. Let me know if you want DC restaurant and sightseeing recommendations!

  7. We never go anywhere for spring break (except to work - ha!). My husband really isn't a beach guy but I love it. With 10 years difference between the oldest and youngest it's also hard to find things to do that all the kids enjoy. I think by this time next year we may finally be over the hump as far as miserable toddlers on trips and maybe we can start planning some more adventures. NYC is very high on my list, too. Never been there with hubby.


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