Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We had homecoming at my childhood church this past Sunday and I always look forward to that day each year. I always get to see a lot of old friends and get to meet new little ones.

But what happens when you ask a bunch of southern ladies to bring a covered dish for lunch after church homecoming services? A lot of butter, carbs, sugar and fried stuff - it's great. If you've never been to a southern church covered dish affair, you're missing out. Here are some of the typical dishes you'll find:


And then there's the infamous dessert table. My little guy wanted to start here first.


And so, I shall be working out twice as much this week...
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  1. This post just made me really hungry and nostalgic for my small town in NC!
    Mmmm. coconut cake.

  2. That table looks very familiar..... yum !

  3. Wow!!! That dessert table is pretty impressive...

  4. This looks fabulous! Your blog is wonderful, excited to be following! Xo

  5. OH so very true.

    I am a northerner who married a big time southerner. I swear I gain 10 pounds...bad complexion everytime we go to his "home". But, how do all these southern women look so good and beautiful!

    The green beans in the south are double the calories of a Big Mac with all that grease and bacon..but it is good!

    I love the south!
    sandy toe

  6. headed over to the fridge now...even thought nothing in there looks as yummy as what you just showed us! yummy!! = )

  7. That looks delicious!

    Popping in from the MBC! Now following your blog...

  8. Lord have mercy, I gained 5 pounds just looking at all that delicious food. I'd take one of everything and go back for thirds.

  9. stopping bye from SITS. I just got immediately hungry after looking at your picture. Now i feel as though i am starved! I am not from the south...but i, like most ppl recognize that southern cooking is the best!

  10. Thanksgiving so early this year?
    Wow! That is a spread!

    I always have the worse time at the yummy table. Too much too choose from :)


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