Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog Cards (The New Calling Card)

I came across this budding trend online and thought - what a great idea! I have people that occasionally ask for my blog address and wouldn't it be great to have a blog card with just my blog address on it to give to people? I guess you could say it's the new calling card. It can make your blogging duties feel much more ligit and even promote your blog if it's something you're trying to profit from. has templates for mini cards that would be perfect for blog cards. Cathe at Just Something I Made posted some great examples of blog cards she's used in the past to promote her blog -
see below image from her blog:

Let me know if you need a design and I can put something together for you!
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  1. you're full of ideas in 2009! i love the calling card idea. i need to start blogging more frequently if i'm going to promote the blog again.

  2. I love the idea. I'm sure your designs will be wonderful.

  3. This is fabulous!! What a great idea... so modern and classy! :)


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